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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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shooting happened just before noon in this wooded area that easy to my left. beyond these trees is the main campus, the woodlawn campus for the social security administration. the victim was an employee of that ssa and was walking through those woods when he was confronted by a robber and shot. police say was just before 11:45 a.m. monday morning when an unidentified male employee of the ssa was walking through this wooded area near the woodlawn campus when an armed man tried to rob him. it ended with the employee getting shot and the suspect fleeing on foot. the victim was able to stumble out of the woods and collapse near the intersection of woodlawn and parallel drives. police were called enda that was taken to hospital. >> the shooting occurred in a wooded area that is crisscrossed with footpaths that is near the
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social security complex. the victim was taking his lunch break and was taking a walk through the area. the shooting did not occur on the social security administration campus. >> immediately after the shooting because the suspect could not be located, baltimore county police notified security on the woodlawn campus, causing a lockdown that lasted about two hours. employees were notified through e-mail and were told extra security would be in place in various parking lot as they head for home. several employees spoke to us over the phone and asked not to be identified. one employee said he was not aware of the lock down mentally checked his e-mail. another said she was aware of the lock down. police say the victim is recovering at sinai hospital with non-life threatening injuries. as far as the suspect is concerned, descriptions of the suspect are just too vague. police are asking with anyone --
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asking anyone with information to call 911 immediately. >> strong testimony today the corruption trial of state senator ulysses carry damaso -- ulysses currie. a former secretary of transportation accuses him of lying and misusing his position. >> prosecutors did introduce strong evidence and solicited damaging testimony, but defense attorneys managed to neutralize much of it. in the winter of 2003, shoppers food warehouse considered moving into this space occupied at the montgomery mall. court testimony indicates that senator kerrey was working for them as a consultant. he wanted to discuss the move.
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flanigan, now in howard county family law attorney said at the start of the meeting? the former state delegate had passed. -- that the former state delegate had passed. add curry indicated that he was taking it on in honor of delegate rawlings. when asked by prosecutors if he had a financial relationship with them he said yes. senator kerrey, he said, had a lot of power. in 2006, senator kerrey asked to meet one-on-one with flanigan to approve a prince george's county project. flanigan said it it was unusual to do that. at the time, senator mike miller, upset about his job performance, introduced a bill requiring senate approval of all. whenever a governor is elected to a second term. gov. appointees go through the
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senate. they referred to as the flanigan bill. senator kerry has 3 $2 million secretary's grant to assist in the project. under cross-examination, flanigan admitted that the previous statement that was believed to be a quote from senator kerrey, was -- senator currie was merely implied. flanigan, under the advice of former fha administrator neil peterson, decided against recommending a warning that grant. >> tonight, m.t.a. subway stations have been reopened
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after the smell of gas caused the shutdown. during the investigation, metro's service was not running from the johns hopkins stations to west cold springs. the mta says it used buses to bridge the service disruption. >> you could smell the gas down the hallway. >> denied kallanna reports of anyone getting sick and service was up and run -- to night, no reports of anyone getting sick and servers with up and running by 6:00 p.m. >> you might be the government would be careful not to spend money it does not have in recent days. but as a sally kidd explained, that is not the case, according to the inspectors general. >> the federal government says it has paid out billions of dollars by mistake. and recipient include delinquent contractors, convicted felons,
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and even dead people. the federal government is doling out staggering amounts of money it does not ago, sending it to the wrong person in the wrong amount or for the wrong reason. the inspector general says the agency paid out $600 million it did not go to ted recipients in the past five years. to dead not shoowe recipients in the past five years. >> there is there reason it cannot make sure that at least the person is alive. >> the defense department cited $1 billion in improper payments last year alone, including for a golf art -- a golf outing and trips to paris and singapore. one person turned in expenses for 23 working hours each day last month.
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>> last year, when measured $125 billion that went out improperly for the federal government. >> the administration says it is tackling the problem with new technology and improved auditing procedures. >> we are using were called for in the tools to come through the payment more effectively to and tuesday if they are -- and to see if they are paying out payments twice for the same service or to the wrong person. >> last year, they estimate $680 million, a big increase over previous years. in january, the government will launch a "do not pay" list, it will include others that are not eligible for payment. >> bail was denied for a man accused of setting fire to a northwest baltimore tire shop last week. jason hicks is believed to be
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using tar and gasoline to pink tires. he got an argument over a paintbrush and it somehow caught fire. he's been charged with assault and reckless endangerment. there have been nearly 20 deaths since mid august. they -- 20 thefts since mid august. police said just car owners park their vehicles as close to home as possible, and yadier driver with more than one car, parked the at risk the colt in front of the others. -- vehicle in front of the others. >> we so often learn from what america -- learn about what america can learn from other countries like china, but it is a group of chinese ineducators that are trying to learn from those in america. >> some of china's top
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principals have gone back to school in baltimore county to try to improve their country's education system. 10 principals are taking plenty of notes in this side class as they get an up close and personal look at education in america. >> we want to learn about all of the advantages of the u.s. education system, so we can put them into our chinese education system to become better and better. >> it is part of a chinese language instruction program sponsored by toes and a -- towson university. >> i think it's great natalee for towson university, but so people can see in china how we do things in our american education system. >> it helps prepare students to compete around the globe. >> they have a translator. we can speak to them about our knowledge of the chinese.
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>> i think it is interesting to actually get to know someone from actual china. and you hear them with the pronunciations and i think it is rather interesting. >> i always wanted to -- that is why i became the principal at windsor mill -- to take our children out of the country. but now china has come to our country. another culture, another language. >> and the hope is that both groups will benefit. >> your opening up to the world. the world is a big place and you should explore. this is one step. >> the chinese educators will spend up to three months in baltimore county in schools and on the campus of towson university. >> thank you, tim.
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residents of cecil county are being warned after positive test for rabies. >> and you can imagine one family's nightmare after they were attacked by a bear inside their home. >> and what about the passing game that went belly up? >> scheidies guys, a few sprinkles, and much cooler than normal. but all that is about to change. 52 at the airport r
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>> a pennsylvania couple is not dr. varitek them inside their home. it happened in oliver township after the bear followed their couple -- the couple's dog
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inside. both victims were taken to a local hospital with unspecified injuries. and a warning for cecil county residents tonight. health officials are wondered -- are warning that those who have been bitten or scratched by calico colored cat in the past 10 days should see their doctor. the female fuleihan has tested positive for rabies. -- the female feline has tested positive for rabies. it can be fatal if untreated. >> there are some breaks in the clouds and some sunshine will squeeze through late in the day. late showers and sprinkles of the interstate i'd -- interstate 83 corridor. we are not quite done with the clouds and wet weather just yet. western maryland had the first snowfall over the weekend of the
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season. wet, cool weather is hanging on, but slowly but surely, drier weather will work its way in. the first three days of this month have been unusually cool, the normal high in the low 70's, and we have been in the low 50's. 40 at oakland. 41 and prospered at this hour. -- frostburg at this hour. the west wind is dryer for us, especially when it is coming in strongly off the mountains. we should see the clouds than in out and beginning to clear out. -- thinning out and beginning to clear out. a strong high-pressure area with
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warm air underneath it brings temperatures in the a.d.'s all the way up to minneapolis. 82 in kansas city right now. as the storm moves off the new england coast, those dry low pressure systems will move in. it will be nice probably into next weekend as well. northwest winds at 10 to 15. the west to northwest wind will get bit breezy tomorrow afternoon. and then western maryland was he a warming trend. loh 60's in garrett county by wednesday. 73 degrees.
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a 30% chance of rain of the close tomorrow and anthony skies and 70 degrees at ocean city on wednesday. -- sunny skies and seven degrees at ocean city on wednesday. 65 mile per hour winds for a few appeared -- ophelia. phillippe is now expected to become a hurricane. it will move off to the east and it looks like this thing will stay safely south and east of bermuda. it is expected to get to category 1 status as it moves out to the central atlantic. the hurricane season is underway with storms way out there. wednesday through friday and
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into next weekend,-and 70's and those in the 40's. -- highs in the 70's and veloz in the 40's. >> 3 and 1 into the by week with a chance to get a whole lot healthier. a scenario that the ravens their early enjoyed. and the physical beating they put on the jets' last night had rex comparing them to the pinnacle the ravens team. but what about the offense and difficulty with completed passes? the defense was put in and covering like rock stars. -- blitzing and covering like rock stars. >> we have also thrown the ball downfield block. we took a lot of shots in this game. risk/reward pat
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plays. low probability of completion, but when you get them, it is a touchdown. i do not think we are to worry about it. >> john harbaugh gave the team the full by week off, austin in players as -- stunning the players as well as suspect fans prepared -- the fans. the you think the ravens are the best team in the nfl? text yes or no at 88509. you can also vote at our website. the full results coming about 11:00 p.m. pittsburgh separate flat second loss of the season to houston -- suffered its second loss of the season to houston. watching ben roethlisberger leave the line stadium offered
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plenty of proof. he hobbled home in a walking boot. sources are saying it is at least a sprain. his history of toughness says he will play. but it will not matter if his offensive line fails to improve. the 49ers have just completed a second rally. san francisco matches baltimore's 3-1 record. he tried to throw it back courts for some reason. the game-winning touchdown for san francisco, a stunning victory for harbaugh. >> our guys are playing the full 60 minutes and then some.
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they're finding a way to win. there is no getting scared that i snatched from our football team. they're starting to believe that they can and will be successful. >> i cannot wait for things giving night. the direction for the orioles remains uncertain. five days following the oppose a remarkable and of the season, the decision comes fourth. his four-year run has not produced the turning around that the struggling organization believed would happen under his leadership. buck showalter may choose to stay as manager or become the key and himself if macphail goes. it is not a done deal. >> how about that football,
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>> murder conviction overturned overseas, the latest on seattle native amanda knox, including house soon she will become a back to the state. plus, what parents should know before said in their student to study abroad.
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>> a little bit cold and we've got a taste of rain, too. >> but if you will be beautiful over the next few days. -- it will be beautiful the next few days. cool and crisp and dry. adding that is why october is my favorite month. because of the forecast. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute man: my electric bill was breaking the bank.
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